Anomatch™ vs Anodising

Anomatch™ vs Anodising

Anomatch™ is our range of high quality architectural polyester powders developed to closely resemble the radiance and sheen of architectural anodising on steel as well as aluminium.


An homogenous finish

Anomatch has excellent colour stability and batch to batch consistency.
The finishes are matt (30%) and deep matt (8%) with a smooth velvet finish.

Can be used on steel as well as aluminium

Increase design freedom with the strength of steel plus lustrous appearance of Anomatch.
Differences in the underlying metal do not affect the appearance of Anomatch.
Different metals in a fabrication will have the same appearance.

Does not need high grade aluminium

Less expensive aluminium can be used as Anomatch will give the same finish on all grades of aluminium.

Materials can be drilled, cut or sawn without fracturing the coating

Anomatch can be handled in the same way as powder coating.

Fast turn-around

There are no extended lead times for application of Anomatch.

Available in over 20 shades

The Anomatch range covers ranges of bronze, blue/grey, golds, silver and some colours.

Industry leading guarantees

Guarantees up to 40-years.


Little colour consistency

Colour can be inconsistent across adjoining panels.
The shade achieved depends on the base metal.
Batch to batch colour consistency is poor as process is variable.
No international colour standards.
Replacement anodised panels may not match the original.

Specialist grade aluminium is needed.

Anodising grade aluminium needs to be stocked which increases stockholding.
Scratches in the metal will show through to the surface if lower grade aluminium is used. 

Awkward or complex items are difficult to process

Anodising needs secure electrical connection which leaves large witness marks.
Colour may change across the surface of complex shapes

Cutting or drilling the item should be done prior to anodising.

The anodised surface is brittle – it may fracture if it cut or drilled.

Anodising is a more time-consuming process.

Lead-times for architectural applications tend to be longer than for powder coating.

Similar guarantees to architectural powder coating

Anomatch guarantees are up to 40-years.

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