Powdertech unique architectural powder coatings on cladding look superb whilst meeting strict safety regulations.


Cladding on a student accommodation block needed replacing to comply with current standard and regulations. Our powder coating finishes passed stringent tests.

Location: Bournemouth       Sector: Education/Residential.    Client: Metalline.   

Specification: C4M Urban, A2,s1-d0  Main Contractor: Starfish    Area coated: 6000sq m.

The Requirement

Existing cladding on a student accommodation block at Bournemouth University International College needed replacing to comply with current standards and regulations, key amongst which is the ‘Reaction to Fire’ rating, A2, s1-d0. Also important was the need to impact futureproofing of the building by improving the building façade lifespan in its exposed coastal site, close to the Bournemouth seafront.

The designers proposed a robust replacement system, which, on completion, would exceed current high-rise cladding legislation. More detail on this project can be found on the Starfish website HERE.

The Powdertech Solution

‘Peat Fire’, a finish from our Rust collection, a Powdertech Wood Finish shade and a RAL shade were selected by the client to be used across the building façade. These were applied as marine grade with great attention paid to metal protection pre-treatment.

The building owners insisted on complete and independent fire testing of all the chosen products for the cladding. A fire barrier system was set up in Belfast under a BS 8414 testing criteria, to be conducted before acceptance of the proposed design and fixing solution. The three Powdertech finishes selected by the client were all pre-tested on the Metalline aluminium cladding and final inspection readings demonstrated full compliance. Meeting with the main contractor, Starfish, and Metalline ensured a good level of understanding and communication throughout the project.

Read more on our powder coating and reaction to fire regulations HERE 

Why Powdertech?

  • We offer a wide range of unique finishes; those chosen here provided the popular ‘aged and weathered’ look.
  • All finishes are rated A2, s1-d0 for reaction to fire.
  • Our finishes offer
    • Excellent corrosion protection and weather resistance
    • High level of colour and gloss retention and high performance abrasion resistance
  • Finishes conform to BS EN 12206-1 and Qualicoat specifications
  • A 25-year warranty was provided for all three finishes used in this project with an expected 40-year lifespan.


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