Antigraffiti coatings

Antigraffiti (AG) coatings are formulated with very low porosity reinforced polyurethane, resistant to most chemicals and solvents. Graffiti can be easily wiped off the surface using one of the many suitable cleaning agents available.

Antigraffiti coatings provide a surface finish resistant to inks, paints, aerosols, marker pens and stains.

  • Graffiti materials cause no blistering or softening of the antigraffi surface
  • Graffiti removal is straightforward and the antigraffiti surface is not harmed or discoloured
  • High performance corrosion protection and weather resistance
  • Good edge coverage
  • Environmentally friendly containing no halogens, plasticisers or VOCs.
  • Available in a wide range of colours, satin and gloss finishes
Antigraffiti coatings
Antigraffiti coatings

Typical Applications

External and internal applications: Seating, fascia, ceiling and wall panels, trims and decorative elements that may be subject to accidental or deliberate marking.

NB: Some of the characteristics of antigraffiti powder coatings will be project specific and we are happy to discuss this with you.

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