Shot Blasting

Shot blasting directs a high speed stream of abrasive particles at metal, to clean, roughen or polish the surface. For mild steel we use ferrous (chilled iron) grit. For non-ferrous and stainless steel we use aluminium oxide media.


Shot blasting is used for a variety of purposes:

  • Roughens the surface of mild steel to increases adhesion of powder primers which provide an additional layer of corrosion protection without the need for galvanizing. (Finishes Plus +).
  • Reduces some surface defects in base material.
  • Used before galvanizing to increase the thickness of zinc.
  • Can be used as a second stage in paint stripping.
  • Cleans rusty material to reveal base metal
Shot Blasting
Shot Blasting
  • Steel fabrications that can't be galvanized will benefit from shot blasting and powder priming for external applications.
  • Where drainage holes and visible welds are not wanted, shot blasting and powder priming may be an alternative. This can increase design possibilities for complex fabrications.
  • Shot blast and priming must always be followed by the application of a polyester top coat.

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